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Web-One is CSUN's unified approach to improve accessibility and navigation and increase consistency to CSUN’s web presence through the use of templates, guidelines, and web design standards.Using a web content management system in Web-One should make it easier to keep content current on the CSUN website. 

A Collaborative Campus Effort

A cross-divisional Web Coordination Group, led by Information Technology and University Advancement, developed an initial set of guidelines to be followed by campus web designers and campus web content owners. View Web-One Guidelines (.pdf).

Web-One liaisons have been identified for each division. These individuals have been identified as the point of contact for the college, division, or departments within their areas to provide assistance and to answer questions regarding Web-One. 

Academic AffairsStephanie Nguyen
Administration and FinanceJennifer De Iuliis
Information TechnologyBen Quillian
President's OfficeRandy Reynaldo
Student AffairsPaul Schantz
The University CorporationGenelyn Arante
University AdvancementKimon Rethis

Web-One Templates

Initial Web-One templates, including a Main Web-One template, have been designed and offer flexibility for customization by colleges and divisions. Additional specialized templates have been designed to ensure CSUN administrative web pages display lists of staff and faculty, display news, and display events using a consistent layout.Where can I see the new Web-One templates?

Web-One template to list People, including faculty, staff, other lists of people

Web-One template to display News, including a featured news item

Web-One template to display Events, including a featured event

Web-One Design

The Web-One template design offers flexibility with navigation bars and content layout to address the individuality of colleges and divisions.This flexibility, coupled with consistent features in the headers, footers, colors and fonts, will help ensure a consistent and enhanced accessibility and navigation experience for users of the CSUN website.

The Web-One template design allows customizable navigation menus and banners. A primary navigation bar with up to seven customizable links and an optional constituency navigation bar are designed into the template.

Banners can be either a single static image or a multi-image carousel. Banners are fixed width; however, height is flexible based on the image used. Banners include an optional text block to describe the image.

The Web-One template design offers flexibility in the layout of content on web pages. For example, the main section of each web page (in-between the header, banner and footer) can be one-column, two-column, or three-column, using the same Web-One template.

How can I get started with Web-One?

Contact your Web-One liaison.

Web-One Training

Hands-on training sessions are offered twice a year, training guides, videos and support are available. Posting content to Web-One webpages will be much simpler; knowledge of Dreamweaver or Contribute is no longer necessary.

Web-One Questions?

We will regularly update this web page. Submit your questions by contacting us or your Web-One liaison.