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Virtual Windows Computer

The Virtual Windows Computer provides students, faculty, and staff access to a variety of software and virtual computers. Users can access these virtual computers while on campus or at home, with an Internet connection from a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android device.

Student Resources

Students have access to virtual computers that simulate more traditional on-campus computer labs. See the FAQs section for a detailed list of available software.

Student Access

Complete the CSUN Virtual Lab Computer Access Request form to request access to the virtual computers. Once you have submitted your request, you will receive email confirmation.

Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and staff can request virtual computers that are tailored to their department or college needs and use cases. Virtual computers can be made available to include specialized software that may be required for course or departmental needs, with the ability to be connected to the CSUN network. Access to these computers can be limited to a specific list of users. If you would like to use these resources contact the IT Help Center to request access.

Faculty and Staff Access

Log in to web portal and get started: You will be able to access resources that have been assigned to you.

Note: see the FAQs section for alternate methods of access as some software may perform better on a desktop client.


What software is available to all students?

Remote Applications

  • Adobe CC 2019 After Effects
  • Adobe CC 2019 Audition
  • Adobe CC 2019 Dreamweaver
  • Adobe CC 2019 Illustrator
  • Adobe CC 2019 InCopy
  • Adobe CC 2019 InDesign
  • Adobe CC 2019 Lightroom
  • Adobe CC 2019 Media Encoder
  • Adobe CC 2019 Photoshop
  • Adobe CC 2019 Premiere
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD 2019
  • AutoDesk Mudbox 2019
  • AutoDesk SketchBook Pro 2019
  • AutoDesk 3ds Max 2019

Software Included in the Open Lab Computer

  • Windows 10 Education
  • Office 2019
  • Chrome
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • 7-Zip
  • Read and Write
  • EquatIO
  • Citrix Receiver

How can I access CSUN’s Virtual Windows Computer resources?

There are 2 methods of using these resources:

  1. You can logon via any modern browser like Edge, Chrome, or Firefox by following the Sign-In links on this page. Your resources will be presented to you and used within the browser window.
  2. You can access these resources from your desktop instead of the browser by installing the Remote Desktop client application on your personal\work computer. You will need to subscribe to your Workspace by signing in with your full CSUN email address.


  • ‘Subscribe’ and enter full CSUN email address


  • You will need access to the Apple Store
  • Add ‘Feed\Workspace’ URL:


  • You will need access to the Apple Store
  • Add ‘Feed\Workspace’ URL:


Q. What if I am still having trouble accessing my resources?
Contact the IT Help Center for assistance.

What credentials do I use to login?

When you access the user portal or subscribe via the Remote Desktop Client, you must login with your full CSUN email address. When launching resources, you will be prompted to login again to each resource. You may use your CSUN user ID or your email address.

Can I access software from anywhere?

Yes. You can access your virtual computer from anywhere with an Internet connection. You do not need to be connected to the CSUN VPN.

Can I access resources from multiple systems at the same time?

Remote applications and computers may not work properly if you have more than one active session open. Refrain from having multiple sessions of the same application or computer open on multiple devices.

Can I log on to these computers at any time?

The CSUN Virtual Library resources are available from 8AM-11PM only.

Are there time limits or restrictions enforced on remote applications and workstations?

Yes. If you are a student running a remote application or logged into a computer from the CSUN Virtual Library resources, the following restrictions are enforced:

  • Active sessions - you are limited to using each resource for 2 hours, after which the user will be logged off - any unsaved data will be lost.
  • Disconnected sessions - you will be logged off after 10 minutes if you do not sign out - any unsaved data will be lost.
  • The Virtual Library resources are available from 8AM-11PM only.
  • During times of heavy usage, you may temporarily not have access to a resource as they will be in use by other students. If you experience this, try to access the resources at a different time. 
  • If you are logged into a resource that has been assigned to you, refer to your instructor or department for details if such limits apply.
  • If you have reached any of the time limit restrictions, a message will display on your screen with a warning to save any data 2 minutes before your session is automatically logged off.
  • After your session limit has been reached, you can try to login again if there any free sessions available.

What storage options are available to save my data?

Options below:

  • If you are logged into a computer: you can access myCSUNbox from the browser to save your work.
  • User data is not persistent in these resources, however certain user customizations may persist such as application and browser settings.

Can I save confidential data in these resources?

You can access Confidential Box from the browser to save your work.

Can I save my work in my departmental file shares?

If your assigned computer or application has the applicable policies applied, you will have access to any file shares that are propagated by your department. Refer to your department or college tech for details.

Can I save my work to my USB drive or personal computer locally?

At this time, these storage options are not available.

What happens to my unsaved data after I log off or disconnect from my session?

You must save your work before you disconnect or log off. Data is not saved in these resources and cannot be recoverable. If you disconnected your session without logging off, you may be able to save or retrieve your data if you log back in before the applicable time limits have been reached. Refer to the 'General Access' section for details on time limits.

Any known technical issues?

Known Errors

The following list of errors is a work-in-progress and will continue to be edited as issues come up:

  • "Oops, we couldn’t connect to “name of resource”. (Reconnect or Cancel)

Other Technical Issues

  1. Limitations of using remote conferencing software like Zoom or Teams:
    • At this time, these types of software do not function properly in this environment. Microphone redirection may not work.
  • Remote connection keeps disconnecting
      • Make sure you have the latest version of the Remote Desktop client application installed.
      • Make sure your computer is updated with the latest patches, especially for Mac computers.

    If you receive one of these messages, contact the IT Help Center for assistance.

    Need Help?

    If you need assistance, contact the IT Help Center