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Virtual Lab

October 18, 2012

Video Transcript

Last year we launched for the first time a hybrid course, our Biology 100 Lab. Students can work from their home or work on campus in a computer lab to do simulations and to answer questions and to do a lab that they don't have to be in the lab in doing a wet lab. They can do it at their own pace. They can try the lab as many times as they want to until they get it right and so this is something that we have started in Biology. In addition, a colleague and I are redoing our freshman majors -- one of our freshman majors lab manual. And we have this semester introduce a lab similar to a hybrid lab in that the students can either come to campus and have their TA help them through the evolution lab or they can do it completely from home accessing a number of simulations and stories and phylogenies and a number of other sorts of things that they can again, take as long as they want or not. And so there are those things.