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October 18, 2012

Video Transcript

So there was a discontinuity between what we were expecting students to be able to do on the final and what we were actually asking them to do on the homework. So what we did was we made up a 43 page document of problems. This is what, these are all the different ways that we can think of currently, and we had to this every year, all the different ways we can ask these different types of problems. All the different ways we would like students to be able to think about these problems, and we thought, this is what we want the students to do. We want them to do these 43 pages over the course of the semester. Some of them are appropriate for final exam questions, and some aren't, but this is what we'd like them to be able to do, and then we chop that up into about one third, and put them in the lab exercises, and one third into the homework exercises. So we paid some students a lot of money to program the problems, and now we have better flow. From the students' perspective, it's, it's part of that flow through, and you think, OK, well, handwritten homework could be as good as any, but they engage with the homework completely differently when it's online because they know right away whether they got it right or wrong. They get instant feedback, and there's even a little button on the WebWork assignment that says, e-mail instructor.