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CSUN Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Classroom

The "TEAL classroom".

The CSUN technology-enhanced active learning (TEAL) classroom supports collaborative learning and engagement through tools such as interactive whiteboards, digital pens, and group collaboration screens. The CSUN TEAL Classroom is housed in the new state-of-the-art Extended University Commons building and features a variety of technologies including the We-Inspire® platform.

Teaching & Learning

The CSUN TEAL classroom promotes discussion by involving multiple users across different devices in a space where everyone’s input can be captured. It allows instructors and students to create new ideas, share and discuss information, and present concepts with the use of a digital pen for high-precision capture and integration with traditional paper. Learners can map out and visualize concepts and relationships in a highly engaging, interactive educational environment.

Three of the walls within the CSUN TEAL classroom have six screens where groups of eight can meet and collaborate. The fourth wall features the We-Inspire® interactive whiteboard. The furniture is movable and can be reconfigured to allow for a flexible space to meet learning needs.

The video below provides a brief overview of the features of the CSUN TEAL classroom:

Additional Information

Interactive Whiteboard

  • Multiple users can work on the anoto-enabled whiteboard or from their workstations simultaneously using the digital anoto pen and letter sheet technology
  • Users can import content, save it in its native format, and/or export it into a PDF document
  • Work is automatically archived every five minutes



  • The application uses a vector-based workflow that allows any content to be scalable
  • The physical palette tool allows users to customize the pen to suit their needs, switch colors and tools by tapping directly onto the palette


  • Mind-mapping tool that allows users to group information in the form of digital sticky notes
  • The digital sticky notes can be linked with arrows to structure content


  • Users can draw or write with the Anoto live pen and letter sheet technology and it will appear on the whiteboard instantly
  • Users can drag and drop their drawings into other applications or duplicate and modify them


  • If you have specific questions about using the CSUN TEAL classroom for instruction, please contact the Faculty Technology Center at or (818) 677-3443.
  • If you would like to reserve the CSUN TEAL classroom for the semester or for a single presentation, please contact Room Reservations at or direct specific questions to (818) 677-3283.
  • If you have require technical support in the CSUN TEAL classroom, please contact Classroom Technology Help at (818) 677-1500.