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Supported Operating Systems

What is an Operating System?

An operating system is a software that communicates with computer hardware and other software programs. All computers, tablets, and smartphones have an operating system.

Why is it important to run an up-to-date Operating System?

Computers are constantly under attack by malicious actors such as hackers, viruses or malicious software. Running an out-of-date operating system poses a serious threat to CSUN because it gives malicious actors an opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities (weakness) in an unpatched operating system. An out-of-date operating system may also prevent legitimate software such as Antivirus from working properly. With the constant threat of computer attacks, the first line of defense is to run an up-to-date operating system.

To fix bugs or vulnerabilities in an operating system, vendors release fixes in the form of system updates and/or patches. The fixes include necessary changes to keep a system secure and to allow for safe operations.

How to check if your operating system is up-to-date and running the latest version?

Please refer to your operating system vendor documentation, vendor website, or visit the IT Help Center.

What should I do if my operating system isn't on the maintained list?

First, you should check with your vendor or support community to see if your operating system is supported. If they continue to release patches, that means your operating system is still supported by the vendor. Make sure your computer has the latest updates installed. If your operating system is unsupported, you should upgrade to a newer supported operating system. Contact the IT Help Center if your operating system is not on the Operating System Maintained List.

Computers running unsupported operating systems will be removed and blocked from CSUN network until it has been upgraded or replaced. The Information Security Office provides a list of supported operating systems and its end of support date.  

What about mobile devices?

Just like computers, mobile devices such as phones and tablets should run supported operating systems. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to upgrade the software on these devices due to hardware limitations or carrier/manufacturer customization. Often, the only way to upgrade to a current version of the operating system is to purchase a new device.

For Apple products, verify that you are using an Apple device that is running the most current iOS version. Upgrade all devices that can support the latest iOS version. You should discontinue using any device that cannot support the latest iOS version. 

Android and Windows mobile devices have a list of current versions on their respective web pages. Update your devices if you do not have the latest available version installed. If your mobile device is no longer receiving updates from the vendor, then you should consider upgrading or purchase a new device that is supported by the vendor. In the event of major security updates for such a system, users may be advised to immediately discontinue use of any device that is not on the most current version.

Operating System Maintained List

Status List

Support Status 


Active This platform is sustained by CSUN, all machines will include this platform otherwise requested. 
UnsupportedCSUN is working its way from this platform. Platforms go into this status prior to the CSUN end date.
EOLCSUN no longer supports this platform, any software support will be dropped from maintaining this platform. 

Microsoft Windows  

*Note: The following operating systems are no longer supported:

Windows 10 (versions 2004, 1909, 1903, 1809, 1803, 1709, 1703, 1607, 1511, 1507) Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Microsoft ME, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 3.1

Windows Server: Windows Server 20H2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows Operating System Latest Update or Service Pack CSUN Support Status Vendor Release Date End of CSUN Support Latest Vendor EOL Date 

Enterprise and Education

Windows Desktop Windows 1122H2Active20-Sep-2214-Oct-2514-Oct-25
 Windows 1121H2Active4-Oct-218-Oct-248-Oct-24
 Windows 1022H2Active18-Oct-2213-May-2513-May-25
 Windows 1021H2Active16-Nov-2111-Jun-2411-Jun-24

Windows 10


Windows 10

 Windows 102004


27-May-2014-Dec-21 14-Dec-21
 Windows 101909EOL 12-Nov-1910-May-2210-May-22
 Windows 101903EOL 21-May-198-Dec-208-Dec-20
 Windows 101809EOL13-Nov-1811-May-2111-May-21
 Windows 101803EOL30-Apr-1811-May-2111-May-21
 Windows 101709EOL17-Oct-1713-Oct-2013-Oct-20
 Windows 101703EOL            11-Apr-178-Oct-198-Oct-19
 Windows 101607EOL            2-Aug-169-Apr-199-Apr-19
 Windows 101511EOL            10-Nov-1510-Oct-1710-Oct-17

Home and Pro

 Windows 1122H2Active20-Sep-228-Oct-248-Oct-24
 Windows 1121H2EOL4-Oct-2110-Oct-2310-Oct-23
 Windows 1022H2EOL18-Oct-2214-May-2314-May-23
 Windows 1021H2EOL16-Nov-2113-Jun-2313-Jun-23
 Windows 1021H1EOL 18-May-2113-Dec-2213-Dec-22
 Windows 1020H2EOL 20-Oct-2010-May-2210-May-22
 Windows 102004Unsupported27-May-2014-Dec-2114-Dec-21
 Windows 101909EOL 12-Nov-1911-May-2111-May-21
 Windows 101903EOL 21-May-198-Dec-208-Dec-20
 Windows 101809EOL 13-Nov-1810-Nov-2010-Nov-20
 Windows 101803EOL 30-Apr-1812-Nov-1912-Nov-19
 Windows 101709EOL 17-Oct-179-Apr-199-Apr-19
 Windows 101703EOL 11-Apr-179-Oct-189-Oct-18
 Windows 101607EOL 2-Aug-1610-Apr-1810-Apr-18
 Windows 101511EOL 10-Nov-1510-Oct-1710-Oct-17

All Windows Editions

 Windows 88.1EOL             25-Nov-1310-Jul-1810-Jul-18
 Windows 88EOL            26-Oct-1226-Oct-1212-Jan-16
 Windows 7SP1EOL          22-Feb-1114-Jan-2014-Jan-20
Windows Server Windows Server 20222022Active         18-Aug-2113-Oct-2613-Oct-26
 Windows Server 20H220H2EOL             20-Oct-2016-Aug-22Not Applicable
 Windows Server 20192019Active         13-Nov-189-Jan-249-Jan-24
 Windows Server 20162016EOL          12-Oct-1611-Jan-2211-Jan-22
 Windows server 2012 R22012 R2EOL           18-Oct-13 10-Oct-2310-Oct-23 
MS DOSAny Version   EOL               

Apple MAC OS

Apple MAC OS
Apple MAC OSOperating System Latest Update or Service Pack CSUN Support Status Vendor Release Date End of CSUN Support Latest Vendor EOL Date 
 macOS Ventura13.5Active24-Oct-22Nov 2025**Nov 2025**
 macOS Monterey12.6Active25-Oct-21Nov 2024**Nov 2024**
 macOS Big Sur 11.7Active Nov 2020Nov 2023**Nov 2023**
 macOS Catalina 10.15EOL 7-Oct-19Nov 2022**Nov 2022**
 macOS Mojave 10.14EOL24-Sep-18Nov 2021**Nov 2021**
 macOS High Sierra10.13EOL25-Sep-17Nov 2020**Nov 2020**
 macOS Sierra 10.12EOL    20-Sep-16Nov 2019**Nov 2019**
 OS X El Capitan 10.11-10.11.6EOL    30-Sep-15Sep 2018**Sep 2018**
 macOS 9OS 9EOL    23-Oct-99***See Note *See note 
 macOS 8 and belowOS 8EOL    26-Jul-97***See Note *See Note 

*Apple does not release their End of Lifecycle dates, but provide security updates for the current release of mac OS along with the previous two releases. **Release dates are not from official Apple website. 

Red Hat Enterprise 

Red Hat Enterprise
Red Hat Enterprise Operating System Latest Update or Service Pack CSUN Support Status Vendor release Date End of CSUN Support Latest Vendor EOL Date 
 Red Hat 9Linux 9Active 17-May-2231-May-3231-May-32
 Red Hat 8Linux 8Active 7-May-201931-May-2931-May-29
 Red Hat Enterprise 7.1Linux 7Active 6-Aug-1930-Jun-2430-Jun-24
 Red Hat 6 Linux 6 EOL6-Jun-1830-Nov-2030-Nov-20
 Red Hat 5 Linux 5EOL 16-Sep-1630-Nov-2030-Nov-20
 Red hat 4 and below Linux 4EOL   16-Feb-1129-Feb-1229-Feb-12


CentOSOperating System Latest Update or Service PackCSUN Support Status Vendor Release Date End of CSUN Support Latest Vendor EOL Date 
 CentOS Stream 99Active 15-Sep-2131-May-2731-May-27
 CentOS Stream 88Active      24-Sep-1931-May-2431-May-24
 CentOS Linux 8 8Unsupported     24-Sep-1931-Dec-2131-Dec-21
 CentOS Linux 77Active      7-Jul-1430-Jun-2430-Jun-24
 CentOS 66 and below 




Fedora Operating System Latest Update or Service Pack CSUN Support StatusVendor Release Date End of CSUN Support Latest Vendor EOL Date 
 Fedora 3838Active18-Apr-2318-May-2418-May-24
 Fedora 3737Active15-Nov-2215-Dec-2315-Dec-23
 Fedora 3636EOL10-May-2216-May-2316-May-23
 Fedora 3535EOL1-Nov-217-Dec-227-Dec-22
 Fedora 3434EOL27-Apr-2117-May-2217-May-22
 Fedora 3333EOL27-Oct-2030-Nov-2130-Nov-21
 Fedora 3232EOL4-Apr-2025-May-2125-May-21
 Fedora 3131EOL  29-Oct-1924-Nov-2024-Nov-20
 Fedora 3030EOL  30-Apr-196-May-206-May-20
 Fedora 2929EOL       30-Oct-1830-Nov-1930-Nov-19
 Fedora 2828 and below EOL      1-May-1828-May-1928-May-19

*Fedora has not released their End of Lifecycles dates. 


Ubuntu Operating System Latest Update or Service Pack CSUN Support Status Vendor Release Date End of CSUN  Support Latest Vendor EOL Date
 Ubuntu 2323.04Active 20-Apr-23January 2024January 2024
 Ubuntu 2222.10EOL20-Oct-22July 2023July 2023
 Ubuntu 2222.04 LTSActive 21-Apr-22April 2027April 2027
 Ubuntu 2020.04 LTSActive 23-Apr-20April 2025April 2025
 Ubuntu 1919.10EOL17-Oct-19July 2020July 2020
 Ubuntu 1919.04EOL 17-Oct-19January 2020January 2020
 Ubuntu 1818.04.4 LTSActive 12-Feb-20April 2028April 2028
 Ubuntu 1818.04.3 LTSActive 8-Aug-19April 2028April 2028
 Ubuntu 1616.01.6 LTSActive 28-Feb-19April 2024April 2024
 Ubuntu 1414.04.6 LTSEOL7-Mar-19April 2022April 2022
 Ubuntu 1818.10 and below EOL  18-Oct-1818-Jul-1918-Jul-19
 Ubuntu 1212.04.5 LTS and below EOL 7-Aug-1428-Apr-1728-Apr-17


Debian Operating System Latest update or Service Pack CSUN Support StatusVendor Release Date End of CSUN Support Latest Vendor EOL Date 
 Debian12 (Bookworm)Active    10-Jun-2310-Jun-2810-Jun-28
 Debian11 (Bullseye)Active    14-Aug-2115-Aug-2615-Aug-26
 Debian 10 (Buster)Active     6-Jul-191-Jun-241-Jun-24
 Debian 9 (Stretch)EOL 17-Jun-1730-Jun-2230-Jun-22
 Debian 8 (Jessie)EOL  26-Apr-1530-Jun-2030-Jun-20
 Debian 7 (wheezy) and below EOL 4-May-1331-May-1831-May-18


FreeBSD Operating System Latest Update or Service PackCSUN Support Status Vendor Release Date End of CSUN Support Latest Vendor EOL Date 
 FreeBSD12.1EOLNov 201931-Jan-2131-Jan-21
 FreeBSD11.3EOLJul 201930-Sep-20 30-Sep-20 
 FreeBSD 10.4 and below EOL3-Oct-1731-Oct-1831-Oct-18



Solaris Operating System Latest Update or Service Pack CSUN Support StatusVendor Release Date End of CSUN SupportLatest vendor EOL Date 
 Solaris 1111.4Active 28-Aug-18Nov 2034Nov 2034
 Solaris 1010Active 31-Jan-05Jan 2024Jan 2024
 Solaris 99 and below EOL  10-Jan-03Oct 2014Oct 2014

*Listed dates are not directly from the vendor.