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Student Software/Hardware Purchasing Options

There are several options available to students for obtaining software and hardware for academic and personal use. The information listed below will help you identify the best option for your needs:





Software Name

Where do I get it?



Adobe Creative CloudVisit the Adobe Creative Cloud for Students page. To get started, submit a request to the IT Help Center to link your student ID with an Adobe Creative Cloud software license.Adobe Creative Cloud software is now available for CSUN students at no additional cost. All Creative Cloud products (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Spark, XD, and more) are available for students to download and install.
Avid Media ComposerVisit the CSUN Campus Store N/AThe bookstore has partnered with Software Shop to offer a range of software products with an educational discount. 
Fugu SFTP 1.1.0Download from the CSUN Software Download PageN/A Available for Mac.
Acc Verify/Acc Repair, 
Link Validation Utility
Download from the CSUN Software Download Page  N/AAvailable for PC.
Mathematica 8Go to the myCSUNsoftware login page. 


Available for PC and Mac. 
MATLABGo to the MATLAB page. 


MATLAB software is now available (at no additional charge) for students, faculty and staff. Visit the MATLAB page for more information. 
Microsoft Office 
for PC and Mac 

Go to the Microsoft Get Started page. 


All CSUN students can install the Microsoft Office Suite on up to five personal devices for free. To download the software, visit the Microsoft Get Started website, enter your CSUN email address ( ) and follow the instructions. 
Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus for PCDownload from the CSUN Software Download PageN/A Available for PC. 
Read & Write GoldDownload from the CSUN Software Download Page

Quick Start Guide (PC)

Quick Start Guide (Mac)

Available for PC and Mac. 
Secure Shell (SSH 3.2.9) + Secure FTP (non-commercial version)Download from the CSUN Software Download Page


Available for PC. 
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home EditionDownload from the CSUN Software Download PageN/A Available for Mac. 

Download from the CSUN Software Download Page


Available for PC and Mac. 
VPN (Virtual Private Network)Download from the CSUN Software Download Page


VPN GlobalProtect for Windows (.pdf)  

VPN GlobalProtect for Mac OS (.pdf)    

VPN GlobalProtect for iOS (.pdf) 

VPN GlobalProtect for Android (,pdf)


ZoomTo access Zoom, visit the CSUN Zoom log in page. 


Visit the Zoom page for more information and training resources. 


Through VitalSource, students can browse through thousands of textbook and general reading titles. Once you find the ebooks you are looking for, simply download them your personal computer for future access.


Thanks to Campus Quality Fee funding, all enrolled students have access to myCSUNsoftware. myCSUNsoftware grants students anytime access to select software via an Internet connection from a Mac, PC, Linux, or mobile device. 

Visit the myCSUNsoftware page for more information. 


The bookstore offers discounted prices for PC and Mac laptops and desktops. Visit the CSUN Campus Store  to browse through the various available computers, hard drives, anti-theft kits, power supplies, printer and computer supplies and accessories.

Apple, Dell, HP and Sony Educational Discounts


Visit Education Apple Store, or the CSUN Campus Store page.


Visit Dell University to learn about Dell discounts for students. The member ID for student discounts is US133438.


Visit the CSUN Campus Store page.


Visit the Sony Education Store.