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Student Moodle Help - How do I take a quiz?

From the course homepage, locate the quiz and select the quiz name.

On the quiz introduction page, make note of any instructions your instructor has added, the due date/time (if applicable), time limit (if applicable), etc. When you are ready to begin your quiz attempt, select the Attempt quiz now button.

A Quiz Navigation legend will appear in the upper left to show you questions you have answered, questions you have yet to answer or questions you have flagged to return to. In addition, if a time limit was set by your instructor, a small countdown timer will appear.

After answering all questions, select the Next button located at the bottom. This will take you to a confirmation page where you can verify that you have answered all questions. After verifying that you have answered all questions, select the Submit all and finish button to complete your attempt.


  • If you navigate away from the quiz during your attempt (i.e. to another webpage like the course homepage, Facebook, etc.) some of your answers may be lost. To avoid this issue, complete your quiz attempt before navigating to a new webpage.
  • If a student experiences technical difficulties while taking a quiz and was not able to complete the quiz by the close date and time, it is up to the individual instructor whether or not to give the student an additional attempt on the quiz.

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