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Student Moodle Help - How do I post to a forum?

From the course homepage, locate the forum and select the forum name.

Next, select the Add a new discussion topic button to create a new topic in the forum or select the name of a current discussion topic and select the Reply link in the lower right corner of a post in the thread to respond to another participant. Enter a subject name into the corresponding field and type your message into the HTML editor box (e.g. the box that has a MS Word look-alike toolbar). You may experiment with many of the small icons in the HTML editor that allow you to format text, insert hyperlinks and more. 

If you first typed your message in Microsoft Word, you must copy and paste your message into a text editor program such as NotePad on PCs or TextEdit on Macs. Once all the text is in the text editor, re-copy it all and paste into the HTML editor box in Moodle. This must be done to remove extra coding that Microsoft Word creates but Moodle does not understand. If this is not done, then extra code may appear at the top of your forum post or cause other errors.

When you have finished typing your message, select the Post to forum button. A confirmation page will notify you that your post was added successfully and then return you to the forum where you can see yours and other students’ posts.

Note: The News Forum is a a special forum for general announcements that only your instructor may post to.

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