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Student Moodle Help - Why doesn't one of my courses appear under My Courses list?

If after logging into Moodle one of your courses does not appear under your My Courses list, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • The instructor of the course may not be using Moodle. Contact the instructor directly to see if Moodle is being used for the course.
  • The instructor currently has the course hidden from student view. Contact the instructor directly to see when the course will become available.
  • If you recently added the course in the myNorthridge Portal, it may take 36 business hours to then add you to the Moodle course. The delay is caused by enrollment changes (e.g. adds & drops) being completed in batches. If after 36 business hours the course does not appear on your My Courses list, ask your instructor to manually enroll you in Moodle. Instructors may contact the Faculty Technology Center at (818) 677–3443 if assistance is needed.
  • Completed courses are hidden 3 - 4 weeks after the start of the next semester. Hidden courses cannot be accessed by students unless the instructor of the course makes it available to students.

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