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Student Moodle Help - I am receiving a lot of emails from forums in a course. How do I make them stop?

The email messages are coming to you because you are currently "subscribed" to the discussion forum. This is an option that each course participant can control in forums if the instructor allows.

To disable a forum subscription:

  1. From the course homepage, locate your name in the upper right corner and select it.
  2. In the Administration block, select Edit profile.
  3. Locate the Forum auto-subscribe setting and change it to No; don't automatically subscribe me to forums.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select Update profile button.
  5. Navigate back to the course homepage and locate the forum that was sending you the emails. Select the forum name.
  6. In the Administration block under Forum Administration, it will describe if the forum has Forced subscription (instructor is forcing users to be subscribed), Auto subscription (users are initially subscribed but can choose to unsubscribe), Optional subscription (users can choose whether to be subscribed) or Subscription disabled (instructor is not allowing subscription to the forum). If it is set to Auto subscription or Optional subscription you may select the Unsubscribe me from this forum link.

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