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Red exclamation point icon.   Error Messages in Skillport 

April 6, 2015 - Earlier this morning, some users experienced problems while completing the Data Security & Privacy course. In some cases, users received error messages or were booted out of the application. This issue has been resolved. 

If you attempted to complete the course over the last few days and did not complete the course, you will need to log in and launch the course again. For the majority of users, the course will pick-up with slide #4. Go through all of the remaining slides and read the policy at the end of the course. Once this is done, your profile and completion certificate should update accordingly.  

If you continue to experience problems, please contact the IT Help Center


In accordance with system-wide Information Security policy, faculty, staff and student employees are required to complete Information Security Awareness training on a periodic basis. Most faculty, staff, and student employees are required to complete the online training once every three years with periodic refresher updates in between. Those with privileged access to information assets or access to confidential data will require more frequent and specialized training.

The goal of IS awareness training is to better educate CSUN employees on good information security practices both at home and at work. The training is meant to be convenient and is Internet-based so you can complete it from any computer (training cannot be completed from mobile devices at this time). You can also start and stop the training as your schedule permits because it is not time–dependant.

Note: CSUN, along with other CSU campuses have transitioned to a new training program for faculty, staff and student employees. To access the training program, follow these steps:

  • Visit the IS Awareness Training login page
  • Log in using your CSUN user ID and password
  • Select View My Plan to display the courses
  • Select Data Security & Privacy
  • Launch the training course

If you have any questions or require assistance with accessing training, please contact Information Security at (818) 677–6100.