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Provide Effective, Robust and Secure Technology Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure.



Technology 2022-Vision:
CSUN will follow a cloud-first strategy wherever possible, consolidating to a single campus data center. Highly available and robust infrastructure will connect users securely to applications, data and computing resources in a hybrid on-campus and cloud infrastructure environment.

  • CSUN will continue to employ a risk-based approach to securing the institution’s information assets and deploy the necessary tools to detect and respond to security risks. 
  • Through partnership that CSUN will form with other institutions and cloud vendors, faculty and student researchers will have access to a variety of on-demand, scalable computational capabilities, storage and research software.
  • CSUN will implement “cloud-first” for new and replacement compute and storage infrastructure and continue to transition the computing and storage infrastructure in CSUN’s two on-premise data centers to the cloud, thereby transitioning to a blended model of private and public cloud services supplemented by a single on-premise data center. 
  • CSUN will strategically manage and secure data as an asset, through data governance, training, tools, and processes that emphasize the quality, availability, security, integrity and privacy of data.
  • CSUN will maintain an infrastructure that supports the anticipated adoption of greater numbers of internet-connected objects (i.e. Internet of Things) that will become integral to campus operations, teaching and learning, research and student life. 
  • CSUN’s software application strategy will continue to be “cloud-first” and favor selection of vendors’ “software-as-a-service” capabilities.