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Phones and Voicemail

Smartphones Tested by IT

It is the policy of California State University, Northridge to provide reimbursement for use of portable equipment and/or electronic communication equipment and related services only with the prior authorization of the President, the appropriate division Vice President, or the Executive Director of the University Corporation as a condition of employment.

This table identifies the smartphone operating systems reviewed by IT. The list of smartphone operating systems will be reviewed once every six months.

Phone Discounts

This list of wireless service providers offers Employee Value Programs to CSUN employees. If you are interested in purchasing a new plan, this information will help you identify which service provider works best for you. If you already have a contract with any of these vendors, contact the assigned account representative for details on signing up for their Employee Value Program.

Note: In most cases, you will be asked to confirm employment.

Phones & Voicemail

Phones are an integral component of the University’s technology infrastructure.  Most university phones utilize the voice-over-IP (VOIP) system which integrates phone usage with the computer network.  This integration significantly reduces calling costs while providing robust benefits for our faculty and staff.  


How do I order a new phone?

Submit a SOLAR Financials chargeback request.  Available phone options and prices are listed on the IT Service Price List.

How do I request service for my phone?

If your phone is not working properly, or you need assistance with voicemail, contact the IT Help Center.

What if I forgot my voicemail password?

Contact the IT Help Center.