Main menu (IT)

Outlook 2011

Set Up Instructions (Mac)  

  1. Open the Go menu and select the Applications option.
  2. Select the Office 2011 folder followed by the Outlook icon.
  3. From Tools, select Accounts from the dropdown menu.
    Select Accounts...from the dropdown menu

  4. From the Accounts window, select the Exchange Account icon or select the plus (+) sign in the lower left-hand corner. Select Exchange from the left pane.
    Select Exchange Account

  5. In the Enter your Exchange account information window, enter your email address, username ( ) and Password and Server Information ( Leave the Configure Automatically option checked.
  6. Select the Add Account button.

Need Help? 

Contact the IT Help Center by phone (818) 677-1400, online, or in person in (University Library, First Floor, Learning Commons).