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Faculty and Staff Email Upgrade

Faculty and staff at a computer.

In order to stabilize our existing email environment, we have migrated all CSUN faculty and staff to Microsoft's cloud-based email, Office 365. In addition to providing a more stable faculty/staff email environment, Office 365 offers an enhanced interface for Webmail users. 

The IT division migrated to Office 365 last fall as early adopters to test the migration process and email environment. Faculty and staff migrations were completed this summer.  

The migration to Office 365 took place behind the scenes with no downtime. After migration, Outlook users will be prompted to restart email and users on other email clients (e.g. Thunderbird and Mac Mail) and mobile devices will need to adjust their email settings


When will my account to be upgraded?

Faculty and staff accounts have been migrated. Group and resource accounts will be migrated over the next few weeks. You will receive an email from the IT Help Center letting you know when your migration to Office 365 will take place.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for the migration?

We recommend that you delete messages you no longer need from your "sent" messages folder, as well as empty your "deleted items" or "trash" folder. Instructions on how to empty your "deleted items" or "trash" folders are available below: 

How will my email be impacted during the migration?

During the upgrade/migration you will be able to send and receive email; however, there are some changes you will need to make after your email box is migrated. 

Additionally, please note: 

  • We will migrate all of your folders.
  • You may notice a delay in the delivery of voice mail to your email account; this will not impact accessing these messages through the phone system.

How will my email be impacted after the migration?

  • You will need to use your primary CSUN email address ( ) any time you sign in to your account.
  • If you use Webmail, you will need to access Webmail by using the new Faculty & Staff Migrated to Office 365 button, logging in to your email using your full CSUN email address (&Email;), and then selecting the Outlook link in the top right corner. Note that the old CSUN Webmail button will no longer work for you after your email has been migrated. You will notice an enhanced interface, especially if you are a Mac user. Please note: Emails opened in a new window may take 3-5 seconds to display. For quicker results, turn the preview pane on. 
  • If you use Outlook to access your email, once your email migration is complete, you may see a one-time pop-up asking you to quit and restart Outlook before it successfully connects to your new mailbox.
  • To access from your mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) or an email client other than Outlook (e.g. Apple Mail, Thunderbird), you will need to reconfigure the server name settings using the directions on the web page, Accessing CSUN Email After the Upgrade.
  • If you use delegates to manage your email or calendar, your delegate(s) will be unable to send emails or schedule meetings on your behalf until their account is also upgraded. If your delegate was not migrated at the same time as you, please contact the IT Help Center and we will assist the migration of your delegate.
  • If you share, or have access to, a calendar that has not been upgraded you will only be able to view "free/busy" information until that account is also upgraded. (This includes another person's calendar as well as resource calendars such as conference rooms). Your ability to send and accept meeting requests will not be affected.
  • You may experience temporary slowness immediately after your email is migrated while your email account synchronizes with the new environment.However, if your email account remains slow for more than a day after it has been migrated, please contact the IT Help Center.

Will I have to log in to my email differently?

The format for your username will be For example,  . Remember to include the as part of your email address. You will be able to use the same password you use today for your email and other services such as the myNorthridge Portal.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the new email system?

Some new security measures have been put into place to better protect our email environment from malicious spam being sent out when CSUN users accidentally provide their username and password to phishing scams. You will be able to send email to 10,000 recipients per day, and to up to 500 recipients per message. You will also be able to send email at a rate up to 30 messages per minute. These restrictions do not impact Majordomo mailing lists and the broadcast email tools used by the campus.

Where can I get help?