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Accessibility Tip on Dashes and Hyphens

November 17, 2022

The Mysterious Dash or Hyphen preparing your content for Screen Readers

A screen reader is an assistive technology that helps people with vision impairment to access and interact with websites or applications through touch or audio. However, there are some limitations with screen readers. For example, screen readers do not know what the – symbol represents, whether it is a minus sign, hyphen, en dash or em dash, and will not read it. So, when you are creating content for your courses, it is always a good practice to spell out the word and any abbreviations or make a reference to your abbreviation when used for the first time.  Read More About Accessibility Tip on Dashes and Hyphens

Accessibility Tip - Share Notes, Share Knowledge

October 20, 2022

student taking notes in class

In my dual role as an instructor and an accessibility analyst at the Universal Design Center, I often try to weave accessibility practices into my teaching strategies. They are mostly easy to implement and benefit all students. There may be students who do not self-identify as individuals who need certain accommodations to participate in class activities and meet the learning objectives. Read More About Accessibility Tip - Share Notes, Share Knowledge

Accessibility Tip - Recycling Old Files

September 22, 2022

Accessibility logo

Want to know a common object you’ll find in any classroom or office that’s a secret weapon when it comes to accessibility? It’s your computer’s Trash or Recycle Bin! Going through your content and getting rid of unused files helps you focus on the accessibility of the remaining materials. And it is often more time efficient to find or make a new, more accessible copy than it is to try and fix an older file.

If you need storage for files that you’re not using this semester, but that you don’t want to necessarily delete forever, you can always store them in myCSUNbox until you’re ready to make them accessible and use them again! Accessibility Tip - Recycling Old Files


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