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Accessibility Tip - Student and Faculty Training

December 22, 2022

Student and Faculty Accessibility Training

In 2021-22, the Universal Design Center (UDC) conducted a pilot with select departments to train their student employees in making documents accessible. The pilot was a success, so for 2022-23 we are pleased to offer this program to all CSUN departments. 

The Universal Design Center (UDC) will train your department’s student employees to help make documents and other course materials accessible. This new session starts in February 10th, and there are only 34 seats left. Sign your department’s student employees up today! Read More About Accessibility Tip - Student and Faculty Training

New CSUN Canvas Template Now Available

December 22, 2022

CSUN Canvas Template Course Image

Getting your course Canvas ready takes a lot of time, but you can give yourself a headstart with the CSUN Canvas Template. This semester we are Beta testing a shell that you can import to your Canvas course to begin with a beautiful homepage, student resources module and consistent course structure. Did you know that according to the 2022 IT Student Survey, 79% of students said that their learning would improve if all courses were structured similarly? New CSUN Canvas Template Now Available

Lecture Recording Made Easy with Panopto

December 20, 2022

Lecture Recording with Panopto

Lecture Recording is one of the most convenient ways to save and distribute your course lectures. With Panopto, you can enhance your lectures and PowerPoint presentations by making them easily accessible and searchable, which will give your students a much richer experience. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because all Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically added to Panopto. Read more


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