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Zoom Updates for Spring 2021

January 15, 2021

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Zoom has implemented multiple new features and updates to its application. Some of these features include allowing participants to assign themselves into Breakout Rooms, customizable Waiting Room settings, Virtual Filters, and Advance Screensharing.

Cloud Recording

Cloud recording is now enabled! Log in to your Zoom dashboard at to access your Zoom Advanced Settings and check out the new Cloud Recording features. For more information on Zoom Cloud recording, visit the Zoom Cloud Recording page.

Zoom + Canvas Integration

Zoom's updated integration with Canvas allows students to see Zoom sessions in their Canvas Calendar. This improves security for Zoom sessions by only allowing access to Virtual Classrooms through Canvas (only students enrolled at CSUN who are in your class will have access to your meeting info).

Sharing Video from the Zoom Cloud

Instead of local recordings and using Box to upload to Canvas, you may now share cloud recordings easier and safer within Canvas and with privacy settings enabled (ex. Password protected Zoom recordings only available to your class).

Zoom Cloud + Panopto Backup 

Zoom Cloud content is automatically stored in Panopto (My Folder > Meeting Recordings) which creates a searchable library for students, helps faculty backup video content as well as provide an additional option for sharing content with classes.


Enable this setting in your Cloud Recording Settings to have all your recordings transcribed (Auto-Transcriptions are never 100% accurate, however, this will help when making accessible versions of your content).

Self-Assigning Breakout Rooms

Self-Assigning Breakout Rooms takes the work off of the host such as pre-assigning groups, manually creating groups, and troubleshooting during the class session. If students are not logged in using their CSUN Zoom accounts, they can self-assign to the appropriate breakout rooms.

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room now has additional customizable settings (ex. Enable account level waiting rooms or meeting specific waiting rooms).

Virtual Backgrounds and Filters

Now you can apply fun video filters during meetings (be sure to check your device and the minimum requirements to run these video filters).

Advanced Screensharing

You may now display your PowerPoint or Keynote slides behind your image as opposed to a side-by-side view, letting you use your presentation as the virtual background.

Video and Sound Enhancement Settings

New features are available to minimize background noise and improve low light situations (ex. Lawnmower outside or window behind desk space causing silhouette).

For more information, visit our CSUN Zoom page.