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Social Media's Role in Recruitment

June 26, 2014

A Graduate Student Using a Desktop Computer

"Social professional may sound like an ironic hashtag, but it has come to describe a serious business requirement. Nearly all of the companies surveyed for a 2013 Jobvite report said they used social media in their recruiting. Perhaps more importantly, recruiters are making hiring decisions based on social media. The same Jobvite survey found that 42 percent of recruiters had reconsidered a candidate (for better or for worse) based on a social profile. Ahead, find a social professional crash course that you shouldn’t venture into the corporate world without having passed.

'Rule number one: Look at your online profiles early and often. We sometimes forget how quickly we change as professionals,' says Michael Idinopulos, chief marketing officer of PeopleLinx, a software company that helps companies improve employee engagement on social media. This means adding skill sets and updating certifications, training, and tools. Plus, be sure to add a summary and keywords to your LinkedIn profile. This will help boost your profile in recruiter searches."

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