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myCSUNsoftware Apporto Faculty Pilot

September 21, 2023

myCSUNsoftware is a Campus Quality Fee funded project that allows all students to have anytime access to a list of applications, from any Mac, Windows PC, Linux or mobile device with an internet connection. Without the need to purchase and install any of the applications on to their own devices, or travel to a lab that has the needed application already installed, students can utilize their course-related applications anytime, anywhere they have internet access.

As the infrastructure that powers myCSUNsoftware has been in use for a number of years, the industry has changed, which has warranted a review of alternative means to provide this solution. During the Fall 2023 semester, we are running a pilot of one such solution, Apporto, which is available to all students. This pilot is part of an effort to help us identify what is the best direction going forward for myCSUNsoftware, and we can use the assitance of a few faculty who are willing to help us test it out. If you utilize any of the applications listed on our pilot website, in your classes, and you would be willing to provide us feedback of your and your student’s experience, please contact the Director for Cloud and Systems Services, Steven Ruiz.