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Machine Learning and Automation Help Universities Secure Their Network

October 5, 2018

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Photo Courtesy of EdTech

"With few exceptions, organizational theory subscribes to the virtues of eliminating silos. That’s becoming true for security platforms, as well. According to Joanne Martin, a cybersecurity expert who spoke at the June UBTech conference, vendors are moving away from products designed to address just one piece of the IT stack in favor of integrated platforms that give staff cross-system visibility.

Accompanying those platforms are tools that leverage automation and machine learning to analyze activity and user behavior on the network. 

IDC’s projections about the security market lend credence to the notion of shifting from silos to integration. It is estimated that by 2020, organizations will invest an additional $3 billion in platform-based security models and cloud-based offerings. The beauty of security solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning is that they can visualize things humans can’t — no matter how much expertise we have. As CDW’s “The Cybersecurity Insight Report” points out, “The lesson organizations are quickly learning is that threats aren’t just inevitable, they’re often invisible.” 

In light of that reality, together with the fact that many IT teams are overworked and understaffed, it’s worth getting familiar with the next generation of security solutions that may help solve some of these challenges."

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