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The Life-Changing Magic of Canvas Rubrics

May 19, 2021

Prior to attending the Canvas Assignments Bootcamp, I had an elaborate process of cutting and pasting comments from a Word document whenever I graded online assignments. I thought I had created a good system that allowed me to toggle between a series of comments related to a "Bullseye," "On Target," or "Missed the Mark," so that I didn't need to retype similar comments over and over again. And then I learned about Canvas Rubrics and it was clear that my approach was a Band-Aid, at best.

I set up my first Canvas Rubric and the 15 minutes it took to set up has been recovered many times over -- and I’m only part of the way through grading student assignments. More importantly, using the Canvas Rubric feature freed up time and energy to provide more student-specific comments, including those that reinforce learning by linking aspects of the assignment to the curriculum in meaningful ways.

For a list of upcoming Canvas Workshops, visit the Academic Technology Workshop Calendar or access the Self Guided Teaching with Canvas Course and go to SpeedGrader and Rubrics.

And be on the lookout for "Wednesday with Wendy" coming soon on our Youtube Channel, where I will be sharing tips and tricks for teaching in the online space!