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Lecture Recording Made Easy with Panopto

December 20, 2022

Lecture Recording is one of the most convenient ways to save and distribute your course lectures. With Panopto, you can enhance your lectures and PowerPoint presentations by making them easily accessible and searchable, which will give your students a much richer experience. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because all Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically added to Panopto.

Every video uploaded and stored in your Panopto video library is searchable. Panopto's video search helps you find information inside videos and meeting recordings instantly. This means your students spend less time clicking through your recordings and can focus on key areas in your lecture. Recording your lectures with Panopto is as easy as opening the application and pressing the record button.

But there are many more features that can take your recorded lectures to the next level. Using Panopto you can easily:

  • Narrate your PowerPoint presentations
  • Add quizzes and knowledge checks to your recordings
  • These quizzes can be synchronized with the Canvas Gradebook
  • Record your lectures from anywhere, including campus
  • Have searchable text for every word that is in your PowerPoint slides
  • Edit your captions and add notes to your recordings
  • Search all your recordings for key words

We have several workshops this Spring that will go into these features, please visit our workshop calendar, to see availability. Or if you would like to schedule a 1-on-1 session with a staff member, please visit our Bookings page and select /bookings/" target="_blank">Lecture Capture.

If you have questions regarding Lecture Recording, please email us at