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myCSUNtablet Initiative

April 5, 2013

Student and faculty work on an iPad.

The goal of the myCSUNtablet initiative is to better prepare students for future technology changes and to prepare the campus for the growing number of incoming freshmen and transfers who are already well-versed in technology and who desire increased access, convenience, and flexibility in learning content. 

President Harrison’s remarks during her keynote address at the faculty retreat on January 14 called for consideration of “new innovations”. The President encouraged faculty to consider participating in a pilot initiative that would provide training on how to use and incorporate the iPad and other educational tools into the classroom, and how faculty might use iBooks Author to generate dynamic, low cost e-textbooks. She said the initiative would provide California State University, Northridge faculty access to Apple’s infrastructure, including global capacity and their 24/7 educational innovators' team.

For more information and FAQs, visit myCSUNtablet page