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Internet Explorer

January 18, 2012

Impact to users: Low

IE9 – Not Recommended

IT and the appropriate committees have reviewed IE9 and do not recommend its use at this time because it is not supported by SOLAR. Users who are intersted in evaluating IE9 for personal use can visit Microsoft Windows: Internet Explorer 9.

IE8 – Recommended

IT has tested IE8 and it is recommended for university and personal use.  IE8 provides various performance, security, and usability enhancements over previous versions of Internet Explorer. For more information, visit Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Homepage.

To install IE8 on your work computer, please contact your local technical support staff.

IE7 – Supported

Although IT recommends upgrading to IE8, version 7 remains compatible with campus systems. IT will continue to provide support for IE7.

IE6 – Not Recommended

IT does not recommend using IE6 on any systems. IE6 has various security vulnerabilities and does not support modern web standards. In addition, IE6 is not supported by various major websites and web applications such as those provided by Google. At this time, users should upgrade to IE7 or IE8.