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How Millennials Use Mobile Devices at College

September 3, 2015

People using smartphones.

Photo Courtesy of EdTech

"A new study on the mobile device habits of college students shows they’re leaving their desktops behind and venturing out into an increasingly mobile landscape — one in which higher ed infrastructure will have to evolve to accommodate.

The survey from cloud provider Domo polled 2,228 higher ed students to see how they're using their mobile devices on campuses.

Although the survey found that millennials spend more time browsing the Internet on their mobile phone than on their desktop, cellphone web surfing won by only a 2 percent margin (45.7 percent versus 43.4 percent for laptops or desktops).

Mobile device usage has been outstripping dedicated platforms like desktops and notebook computers since at least 2014, according to TechCrunch, which reported the results of a comScore study. 

In its report, Domo says the findings "affirmed how crucial it is for company executives and other business leaders to adjust to a mobile-centric world" to stay relevant."

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