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Growing number of Americans buying e-readers

February 17, 2014

Photo by David Hawkins / Daily Sundial

"Increased ownership of e-readers during the 2013 holiday season shed light on a growing national trend in which 50 percent of Americans now own either a Nook, iPad, Kindle or some other type of electronic reading device, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center.

'Americans seem to like different formats for different reasons,' said Lee Rainie, director of the research center’s internet project. 'Sometimes they like e-book reading devices and tablets because they can store so much more content so easily and it doesn’t weigh a lot. While other times, they like printed books and such because they are easy to share.'

Over the 2013 holiday season, tablet ownership rose to 42 percent of American adults, an eight percent increase since last September. E-readers like Nooks and Kindles also jumped from 24 percent last September to 32 percent as of January, according to the study.

Megan Greene, 20, junior, child and adolescent development major, received an iPad for Christmas.

'I love using my iPad at school even though I’m not in one of those classes where you must have one,” Greene said. “It is easy to use. I love to read on it, e-mail and watch movies on the go or when I’m on break in between classes.'

The rise of e-readers and tablets can be seen at college campuses. CSUN started the myCSUNtablet initiative last semester, where seven programs welcomed the use of iPads or other tablets in the classroom. The programs include liberal studies, biology, engineering and computer science, public health, journalism, physical therapy and kinesiology. The initiative was created in order to save students money in the long run, according to the initiative’s website."

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