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Go Beyond Ordinary Screen Capture with Snagit

August 20, 2018

SnagIt desktop view.

Photo Courtesy of TechSmith

Have you ever struggled to communicate clearly? Snagit helps you get your point across quickly and easily. Capture a screenshot, add comments, highlight important pieces of content.

Snagit gives you the power to:

  • Share Quickly - Create and share images that explain exactly what you mean. 
  • Look Great - Help your viewers understand your message at a glance.
  • Work Faster - Don't type lengthy instructions. Provide quick explanations and move on to your next task.

Snagit is available to all CSUN faculty and staff from the Software Downloads page. Visit the Snagit page for more information. 

If you need assistance, faculty should contact the Faculty Technology Center at (818) 677-3443. Staff should refer to the TechSmith website for self-paced video tutorials and documentation.

For installation information, please contact the IT Help Center.