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End of Semester Data Retention Practices

May 24, 2022

Once the semester is over it is a good time to review the data retention policies in place for the instructional technologies at CSUN, and some best practices that you can do to ensure you have access to the data you want to keep.

Canvas – All course content and grades will remain in Canvas indefinitely. However, we encourage all Faculty to Export their courses' Gradebook and to export a copy of their Course Export.

Zoom – All Zoom Cloud recordings are stored for 120 days, after which they will be automatically deleted from the Zoom Cloud. However, all Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically copied into Panopto and stored in a Folder called “Meeting Recordings”.

Panopto – All videos stored in Panopto are stored for 3 years from the last date they are viewed. But if you are the “Creator” of the video in Panopto you can download the videos to your computer for permanent storage.