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Apple Expands iTunes U Education App for iPads

July 8, 2014

An Apple iPad displaying a biology course.

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

"Apple will soon make another bid to persuade schools to replace textbooks with iPads. Next week, it will introduce a tool for instructors to teach from the tablet. The company said that it would issue an upgrade on July 8 for iTunes U, its set of tools for educators. The update introduces a new app that allows instructors to create, edit and assign course work using the iPad.

Appleā€™s new iTunes U app will also introduce the ability for instructors and students to start group chat sessions. For example, if students want to discuss a homework assignment or a course topic, they can start a chat thread inside the app; the teacher can monitor their discussion and respond to questions.

Apple has a long history of involvement in education, including programs that allow educational institutions to buy Mac computers in bulk. Students are generally a big target for the company, as the it typically releases upgrades for Mac notebooks, iPhones and iPads around the back-to-school season in fall."

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