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Alternative Testing Accommodations for Final Exams

April 1, 2024

Alternative testing accommodations, such as extended time for testing, are provided to ensure that a student's performance is representative of their mastery of the subject and not their disability. 

DRES and/or NCOD student(s) must request their accommodations each semester in SAAS and faculty are able to review the student eligible accommodations. 

To ensure students receive their approved accommodations: 

  1. You provide the student’s approved testing accommodations in the classroom, online, or an alternate facility or 

  1. DRES will proctor your in-person exams per your instructions once you have completed the following steps: 

  1. Create the Course Exam Profile in SAAS (You may skip to the 1:36 mark on our SAAS faculty video, for a refresher. 

  1. Review and “Approve” or “Deny” exams dates requested in SAAS by the student 

  1. Provide the exam materials to DRES by email to