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68% of Smartphone Theft Victims Never Recover Device, Report Says

June 23, 2014

A graph showing how phones are most commonly stolen.  44 percent left in a public place, 14 percent taken from a house or car, and 11 percent were pickpocketed.

Photo courtesy of Lookout 

"Only 10% of U.S. smartphone owners have their devices stolen, but once the gadgets are taken, 68% of victims are unable to get them back, a report Wednesday said. In 2013, 3.1 million Americans had their smartphones stolen, and most of those thefts - 44% of them - occurred when owners left their gadgets behind at a public place, said the report by Lookout, a firm that makes security apps for mobile devices.

The sooner smartphone owners realize their phones have been stolen, the higher their chances are of getting them back. This is because once thieves grab a gadget, they often are quick to shut if off, put it in airplane mode or remove its SIM card.  Instead, victims should immediately file a police report as well as a report with their wireless carrier, Lookout said. It is also recommended that users put a passcode on their devices and an app that will let them track their device if it is stolen, including the Lookout app or Apple's Find My iPhone. With those kinds of apps, owners can remotely lock their phones and track them using their GPS coordinates."

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