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5 Things to Do in Preparation for the Semester

August 26, 2014

A photo showing students taking notes with their iPads during a class lecture.

"Well, today I’d like to move from summer to fall by pointing you to a handful of posts I wrote in the early ProfHacker days about getting ready for a new term. Not everyone is going to find all of this advice helpful, obviously, but we hope that there are at least a few things in these posts that can be of use to you.

Hit Your Deadlines With Help From Your Calendar: Two things that machines are good at are handling repetitive tasks that humans find mind-numbingly boring after awhile and laying in wait until a specified time before they take action. These 2 things are what make an online calendar ideally suited for reminding you–via email, instant message, or txt message–that it’s time for you to complete a task related to your professional life..."

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