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3 Powerful New Features to Try in iOS 9

October 19, 2015

Screenshot of a tablet and phone.

Photo Courtesy of PC Mag

"The best way to stay organized with your phone is to know what it can do. When a new operating system rolls out, like Apple iOS 9, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by new features and not even know what your iPhone is capable of doing!

iOS 9 comes with plenty of new features, but I certainly don't expect most people to even try and master them all in the first week. Instead, focus on learning these few new features that will help you get the most out of your phone:

1. Proactive Suggestions
2. iCloud File Browser
3. Ad Blocking in Safari

Proactive Suggestions
Proactive Suggestions in iOS 9 are basically smart suggestions about what you might want to do with your iPhone. The first way to get a glimpse of Proactive Suggestions in iOS 9 is to go to the home screen and swipe left to right."

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