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Moving Your Final Grades from Canvas to SOLAR

The best way to enter final grades is to download your Canvas gradebook and import them into SOLAR for final submission. By doing this, you don't have to manually enter a letter grade for each student in SOLAR.

This grading submission method isn't new but many faculty don't know that utilizing this method will enable you to: save time, be more efficient through fewer clicks and reduce grade entry errors.

Learn this easy method once and save year after year!

Tell Me More AND Show Me More

In this two minute preview video, you'll see what an impact this grade submission method has when it comes time to submit final grades.

Can Anyone Do This?

All faculty have access to import grades from an excel file into SOLAR; and if you use Canvas, all faculty have access to download your grade roster.

How Do I Get Started?

  •  Download your Canvas gradebook and complete the steps in the guide on the right of this webpage. 

If you have followed the guide but would like assistance importing the grades into SOLAR, have your grades downloaded and book an appointment with us!