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Moodle Spring 2014 Improvements

During Winter 2013, new improvements and features will be added to Moodle. These new features will mainly benefit faculty and staff and will be available for use on December 27th, 2013. For more information or assistance on using these new features, contact the Faculty Technology Center at (818) 677-3443, visit us in OV 34 (garden-level of the Oviatt Library), or email Our offices and support representatives are available Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.; excluding campus holidays.

Course availability setting

To make your course available to students, in the Course Settings, the field has changed from "Course availability" to "Visible." See the Faculty Moodle Help for step-by-step instructions.

Form & Editor Settings Collapsed

Moodle has a lot of settings and features and some of the Settings forms have been getting rather long. Non-essential settings on forms are now collapsed by default. You can quickly access them by expanding their section or expanding all sections with the Expand all link in the upper right corner. In addition, the HTML editor will be collapsed by default to save space on the webpage. You may expand the HTML editor by selecting Show editing tools.

Forum - Word Count

In a forum's Settings page, teachers may enable the Display Word Count setting. If enabled, a word count will be displayed below each post in the forum.

Word Count Example

Assignment - Re-submissions

Teachers may allow individual students the opportunity to re-submit an assignment after they have exhausted the default amount of submissions allowed. This is similar to the User Override feature found in quizzes. Note: This is only for Moodle assignments; Turnitin assignments are a different activity module that does not have this capability.

Assignment - Extensions

Teachers may grant extensions to students who did not submit during the original open/close period. A new close date may be added for individual students. This is similar to the User Override feature found in quizzes. Note: This is only for Moodle assignments; Turnitin assignments are a different activity that does not have this capability.

Quiz - Essay Template

When using an essay question in a quiz, teachers may set a template that appears in student's text editor that they may then build their response upon.

User search field

In the Settings block > Enrolled Users, teachers may manually add users to their courses. If the course had many users in it (100+), the page would become quite long and make it difficult to find specific users. A new Search field appears at the top that allows a teacher to enter a user's first or last name or email address to find them in the list of users.

Enrolled Users Example