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Mac Mail

At this time, Microsoft recommends the following configuration steps for Mac Mail, to prevent the possibility of mail loss.

Set Up Instructions 

  1. Select Preferences from the Mail pulldown menu. 
  2. Verify that the Accounts icon is chosen.
  3. If the Account wizard does not open, select the + symbol in the lower left corner. 
  4. Choose Add Other Mail Account... from the list of available options. 
  5. Enter your CSUN Email Address ( ) and enter the word “Password” in the Password field. Note: This field is required but your actual password should not be entered here. 
  6. Select the Create button.
  7. Mac Mail will indicate that you have to set up the account manually. Select Next
  8. Ensure that IMAP is selected.
  9. Enter for the Mail Server
  10. Enter your CSUN Email Address ( ) and Password. 
  11. Select Next. 
  12. Enter for SMTP Server and your CSUN Email Address ( ) and Password
  13. Select Create
  14. Send a test email to confirm that sending/receiving is working correctly.

Need Help? 

Contact the IT Help Center by phone (818) 677-1400, online, or in person in (Oviatt Library, First Floor, Learning Commons).