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Keep Learning - Communication

It is critical that you understand your instructor's preferred communication method in case of a prolonged disruption or other need. Some instructors may prefer email, while others will use Canvas messages, or another software or application. Please speak with your instructor to confirm the best way to contact them. 

Communication Using Canvas

Canvas offers two different methods of communication: the Canvas Inbox for Students and Announcements. The Canvas Inbox works similarly to standard email where you can send messages to your instructor or classmates within Canvas. Announcements are sent by the instructor to all of the participants in a particular course. For more information, visit the Canvas Inbox for Students page or the Canvas Announcements page.


The CSUN app can be used to keep in touch by accessing the campus directory and staying on top of news. 


All CSUN students are provided a Gmail account, which is your official CSUN email account. You can use this account to send email to your instructors or other students. For more information, visit the Gmail for Students page.

File Storage

myCSUNbox is CSUN's secure cloud-based file storage and collaboration solution that gives students, faculty and staff the ability to access content at any time, from any device.

Remote Access

To access some CSUN resources, such as library journals or other subscriptions, you'll need to install a a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Students can download VPN to their computers from the IT Downloads Page, or to their mobile devices from the iOS app store or Google Play store. The VPN software is available for no additional cost and downloading only takes a few minutes.

University Library 24/7 Chat

Web Conferencing and Office Hours

Zoom offers synchronous video web-conferencing and is available to all CSUN students and faculty. In an emergency, Zoom can be used to virtually meet with your instructor or classmates. For more information or to get access, visit the Zoom page. Please review Zoom Basics (video) for more information. 



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