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Keep Learning - Accessibility

Accessibility must always be considered whether on-campus or off. Faculty will continue to design coursework with accessibility in mind. To ensure that you have the accommodations you need for your course(s), please follow these steps and review these resources available to you. 

Steps for Students with Disabilities

  • Log-in to the Student Access and Accommodation System (SAAS) to double check or request your approved accommodations for your course(s).
  • If approved for extra time on exams, please communicate with your course instructor(s) to confirm how your extra time will be provided.
  • If you need assistance, please email DRES at or NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at

Universal Design Center

If materials are not accessible to you, please contact your professor for accessible content.  Visit the Universal Design Center's page to view our Accessibility Statement and other related material. 


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