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Information Security Policies & Standards

CSU Systemwide Information Security Policies (,pdf) are published through the Integrated California State University Administrative Manual (ICSUAM).   

The table below is intended to provide links to campus and system wide policies, standards and other related documentation.

Information Security Policies & Standards
Section Policy TopicSupplemental PoliciesStandardsProcedures & Guidelines
7100.0Identity Access Management    
8000.0Introduction & Scope   
8005.0Policy Management    
8010.0Establishing an Information Security Program   
8015.0Organizing Information Security   X 
8020.0Information Security Risk Management X 
8025.0Privacy of Personal Information   
8030.0Personnel Information Security X 
8035.0Information Security Awareness & Training X 
8040.0Managing Third Parties XX
8045.0Information Technology Security X 
8050.0Configuration Management X 
8055.0Change Control  X 
8060.0Access Control X 
8065.0Information Asset ManagementXXX
8070.0Information Systems Acquisition, Development & Maintenance XX
8075.0Information Security Incident Management X 
8080.0Physical Security X 
8085.0Business Continuity & Disaster RecoveryX  
8095.0Policy Enforcement    
8100.0Electronic & Digital Signatures X 
8105.0Responsible Use Policy