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Student Purchasing Options

This page includes a list of software and hardware purchasing options available to students for academic and personal use. 

Faculty & Staff Purchasing Options 

This page includes a list of discounted software and hardware purchasing options available to faculty and staff for professional and personal use.


CSUN uses PrinterLogic for network printing. Please visit Connecting to a Network Printer for more information. 

Secure Your Device

Smartphones and tablets are miniature computers capable of accessing personal and university data via the web, email, Box, the myNorthridge portal, and other resources. Use the information on this page to protect your smartphone or tablet and promptly report lost or stolen devices to Campus Police Services.

Standard Laptop/Desktop Recommendations

This page provides a list of recommended desktop/laptop hardware configurations for Dell and Apple. If you are planning to purchase a new computer system to use at CSUN, please select from the following vendors to view the recommended systems and negotiated educational discounts for that vendor.


Asset Management will coordinate the relocation of surveyed equipment. Visit the Asset Management page for more information and to submit the necessary form(s).