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What is H5P?

H5P is a free and open-source content collaboration framework based on JavaScript. H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package, and aims to make it easy for everyone to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content. H5P allows you to easily and quickly add rich interactive content to your Canvas course. You can add questions and interactive games as formative assessments inside your Canvas course, you can combine visual information with knowledge checks, and even gamify your video lectures with H5P branching scenarios.

What Tools Are Available?

Here are some examples of how the HTML5 tools can be used:


Free interactive HTML5 flashcards. Create a set of stylish and intuitive flashcards that have images paired with questions and answers. Use this content type with H5P in publishing systems like Canvas. 

Course Presentation

A presentation content type which allows users to add multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, text, and other types of interactions to their presentations using only a web browser. Create engaging presentations with H5P and Course Presentation in publishing systems like Canvas.

Branching Scenarios

A HTML5 based branching scenario content type allowing users to create dilemmas, self paced learning scenarios and other types of adaptive learning. The content may be video based or based on a large selection of other H5P content types.


How do I get H5P for my Canvas course?

Contact the Faculty Technology Center at for more information. 

Is H5P mobile friendly?

H5P content is responsive and mobile friendly, which means that users will experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones and tablets alike.

What other content types are available?

H5P makes it easy to create interactive content by providing a range of content types for various needs. Preview and explore these content types on the H5P Content Types page. 

Where can I find support and training for H5P?

Examples & Documentation

For examples and documentation on how H5P can be used, visit the H5P site for more information. 

Need Help?

If you need help using H5P within your Canvas course, contact the Faculty Technology Center at or (818) 677-3443.