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Guiding Principles

People at a table using technology.

By applying the following guiding principles, CSUN will partner with stakeholders to transform existing services and implement new technologies. These principles will inform the selection of technologies and development of IT competencies.

  • Cloud First - Favor solutions that are “in the cloud” (including software-as-a-service application solutions and cloud-based compute and storage options) to deploy solutions faster, achieve efficiencies through on-demand scalability and greater economies of scale, and improve technology security and availability
  • Data Informed - Value University data as an institutional asset that is appropriately secured, consistently maintained, and available to effectively inform decisions
  • Effective Compliance - Require that all technology solutions meet or exceed the requirements of University information security and accessibility policies and standards, to protect our community from information security threats and support and enrich experiences
  • Internet of Things Ready - Sustain an infrastructure (networks, storage, identity and access management) to enable the rapidly growing variety of devices, items, and sensors that connect to the internet (Internet of Things) and provide information that is important to support learning, research and campus operations
  • Intuitive - Implement solutions that offer high usability, are designed for accessibility, and support standards for integration of data and processes across applications to improve the overall experience of our users
  • Mobile first - Strongly favor solutions that are designed for mobility and enable a high-quality user experience on any device