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Goodbye, Moodle


CSUN completed its transition from Moodle to Canvas at the end of the 2017 calendar year. The CSUN Canvas environment is now available. Learn more at CSUN's website about Canvas

Note: A few cohorted programs offered through the Tseng College will remain on Moodle in 2018. For support with Tseng courses still using Moodle, contact the Tseng College Distance Learning Group at (818) 677-6410 or

Legacy Information:

Moodle Is Going Away December 31, 2017

Starting in Spring 2018, CSUN faculty will need to teach exclusively in Canvas. After December 31, 2017, Moodle materials will no longer be retrievable.

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Your 2016 and 2017 Moodle courses are automatically migrated to Canvas after the semester in which they are taught.

  • However, you should examine the content in the migrated Canvas courses before you reuse them, as things may not have transferred as you expected.

  • What comes over during migration?

    • Assignments, Calendar, Files, Forums, images and other media, Labels, Question Banks, Quizzes / Questionnaires, web links, Wikis

  • What doesn't come over during migration?

    • Student data (grades, assignment submissions, discussion posts, etc.), your News Forum posts, and some Moodle-only tools (see this comparison chart)

What Do I Need To Do?

  1. Double check that you have the course materials from 2016 and 2017 you need in Canvas.

    1. On Canvas, select “Courses” and then “All Courses” from the left-side navigation menu.
    2. Courses that have been imported from Moodle to Canvas for you will have the word “Migration” in the term name.

    3. Select a course name from the list to open it and review the content.

  2. Decide on which courses prior to 2016 (if any) you want migrated to Canvas.
    1. For older courses you want to keep, email by December 21, 2017 at 5pm.

    2. In your email, include the name, section number and semester of the Moodle course that you would like migrated into Canvas.

    3. The FTC will send you a confirmation when the migration has been completed.

  3. Decide what student data (if any) you want to download from Moodle and save on your own. Remember, this data does not come over during migration, and this applies to all of your courses including 2016-2017. For each of your Moodle courses, you can save the following things (select the links for further instructions):
    1. Gradebook: export grades to Excel or another file format

    2. Assignments: download all student submissions for each Assignment

    3. Turnitin Assignments: download all student submissions for each Turnitin Assignment. You should also save your assignment instructions if you are reusing these Turnitin assignments.

    4. Quiz Results: in each quiz activity, download student results and/or responses to Excel or another format for each quiz activity

    5. Questionnaires: download student survey responses as a CSV for each questionnaire activity

    6. Forums: export student responses to a plain text or other file in each discussion forum. Note: the export feature is not available in the older “legacy” forum types (see below).

    7. News Forum or other Legacy Forums: copy/paste each discussion post or thread into a Word document. Alternatively, print each News Forum post and/or save to PDF.

Additional questions? Contact the Faculty Technology Center at or (818) 677-3443.

Note: Support for the conversion of CSUN's fully online degree and certificate programs is provided by the Distance Learning Team in the Tseng College. The conversion process for these fully online cohorted programs will continue through 2018.