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FMH - Turnitin Duplicate

Faculty Moodle Help - I duplicated/imported a Turnitin assignment but now I'm getting an error. What should I do?

Turnitin has been integrated with Moodle to make it easy for instructors to create assignments and for students to submit assignments. Unfortunately, Turnitin and Moodle are different products created by different companies; as such some features may not work perfectly together. Turnitin assignments cannot be duplicated using Moodle's Duplicate activity icon next to the original activity. This will lead to an error message in the newly created activity. In addition, if a Turnitin activity is imported from one course to another, an error message will appear in the newly created Turnitin activities. Delete any Turnitin activities that this error message occurs in.

To avoid this issue, create Turnitin activities from scratch by following the Turnitin assignment creation guide.

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