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FMH - Turnitin assignment creation

Faculty Moodle Help - How do I create a Turnitin assignment?

There are multiple assignment types available in Moodle. This will guide you through the creation of a Turnitin assignment. For instructions on creating a basic Moodle assignment, see the Assignment guide.

Turnitin is an integration with Moodle (vs. a core module). This means that additional steps are needed to create the assignment.

  1. From the course homepage, select the Turn editing on button.
  2. In the desired week/topic, select the Add an activity or resource link.
  3. From the list of available options, select Turnitin Assignment.
  4. Select the Add button.
  5. Enter the desired name of the assignment in the corresponding field.
  6. Enter a description in the Summary field. This should include any directions, instructions, objectives, etc. that students should take into account when completing the assignment.
  7. Select and set any desired advanced options. We recommend leaving the default settings if you are not sure what they are.
    1. Number of parts - If you would like students to submit drafts of an assignment, set up multiple parts so that they submit one paper to each part without Turnitin reporting heavy plagiarism.
    2. Student originality reports - If enabled, students may see their originality (plagiarism) report when the Post date is reached.
    3. Allow late submissions - If enabled, allows students to submit after due date. Late papers will be labeled as such.
  8. Set Grade value in the corresponding field. This is the maximum point value the assignment will be worth in the gradebook. Turnitin assignments have a maximum point value of 100 in the gradebook. 
  9. DO NOT enter your desired start and due date in the Restrict Access field. This field is used for another purpose. See Restrict Access guide for a more detailed explanation.
  10. Select the Save and display button to go to the newly created Turnitin assignment. Note: By default Turnitin assignments are open for one week from the date and time you created the assignment. 
  11. If you would like to change the start and due date to a new date/time, select the Edit icon to the far right of the part number you want to change. You may have a different start and due date for each part if you set up multiple parts.
    1. Start date - The date and time students may start to submit.
    2. Due date - The date assignments are due.
    3. Post date - The date students may see their grade, comments left by instructor and/or originality report (if enabled). We recommend matching the Post date with the Due date.
    4. Max marks - Max Marks is a Turnitin feature. If you adjust the Max Marks, this will not change the Grade number entered previously. If you do change it to a different number than what was entered in the Grade field, the Marks achieved will then scale to the Grade number. Ex: You create assignment with Grade of 100. You change the Max Marks to 200. When you go into Turnitin assignment, you can assign marks out of 200 to students. You give "John Student" 150 marks out of 200. In the Moodle gradebook, a 75 will be shown. (150/200 = x/100, where x is what ends up in Moodle gradebook).

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