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FMH - Semester Checklist

Faculty Moodle Help - Beginning of the Semester Checklist

Start of the semester and not sure what to do? Below is a step-by-step guide for faculty to prepare their Moodle courses for a new semester.

1. Log in and verify all your courses are listed
There is nothing you need to do to create your regular course sites. Moodle sites are created automatically for all courses with SOLAR ticket numbers AND an instructor of record listed in SOLAR. Courses that list "staff" as an instructor will not have a Moodle course created until an instructor is listed. Contact your department office if your name is not listed in SOLAR for the course you will be teaching. Courses are by default not available to students and appear grayed out on the bottom of your course list so be sure to scroll down to find them.

2. Review your profile
Update your personal settings. We recommend you upload a profile picture and add a description of yourself. Many faculty require their students to also create a profile with a picture.

3. Combine course sections, if necessary
If you have multiple sections of the same course and would like to combine them, Moodle 2 now allows instructors to do so. Follow the steps found in the Faculty Moodle Help - Combined course guide.

4. Import any previous course content into the new semester’s course
You can move your content from previous semesters to your current courses. Follow the steps found in the Faculty Moodle Help - Import guide.

5. Update resources, activities, due dates, etc.
Update due dates of activities and any references to previous semesters dates. Check for outdated resources or broken links.

6. Add Teaching Assistants, Librarians and/or Observers to your course
If you need to add additional users to your course that are not on the class roster, follow the steps found in the Faculty Moodle Help - Add user guide.
Note: An automated process adds students so there is nothing you need to do to enroll your students.

7. Make your course available to students
Remember that students will not see your courses until you make them available. Follow the steps found in the Faculty Moodle Help - course availability guide.

8. Refer students to resources in the CSUN block
In the upper left of every course is a CSUN block that has a number of resources for students including links to the Student Moodle Help, Oviatt Library Resources and the IT Help Center.

9. Explore CSUN faculty resources
The Faculty Technology Center has many resources for training and support. Visit the CSUN Moodle Community for tips and tricks, guides, video tutorials and discussion forums. Faculty may self-enroll in the Course Redesign Essentials Moodle site for more resources on designing, organizing and facilitating courses using Moodle and other tools. The Academic Technology website has a number of resources for teaching with technology including a tools and techniques guide, schedules for workshops and hosted events and other resources. In addition, our staff, faculty associates and student assistants are available for support. Contact us at 818-677-3443 or by email at

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