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Faculty Moodle Help - I see a lot of old courses under the My Courses list. How do I get rid of all my old ones?

We are continually in the process of archiving old courses on the Moodle server. As this archiving process continues, you may start to see some of your older courses disappear. We will not remove courses from the Moodle server for at least one year from the date of completion of the course. This is to allow for students with an incomplete to finish the course or for academic challenges.

As we continue to archive older courses and look for other methods to display current courses, we recommend making all past courses unavailable to students. By doing this, all your old courses on your My Courses list will appear as gray links. Your current courses will appear as red links on your My Courses list when made available to students. For instructions on how to make courses available/unavailable, see course availability FAQ.

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