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Faculty Moodle Help - I have a video I want my students to watch. Can I put it in Moodle?

We do not recommend putting videos in Moodle for the following reasons:

  • Video files are much larger than the average file. Most PowerPoints or Word documents are less than 5 megabytes (MB). Video files are usually a couple hundred MBs. As such, the time it would require to upload a video file would be exponentially longer than most other files you upload to Moodle.
  • We periodically run backups of our entire Moodle instance (i.e. every single course). If an instructor uploads a video file, this increases the size of back up files tremendously and thus takes up a larger amount of server space.
  • If a user wants to watch the video, depending on the quality and size of the video file, it could take up a large amount of bandwidth just to watch the video via Moodle.
  • There are many different video formats available for an instructor to make a video in. However, in order to watch the video, the viewer must have the correct plugins and up to date browser to have the best chance of viewing the videos. Without the correct plugins, a viewer may not be able to view the video at all.
  • If the viewer doesn't have the correct plugins and an up-to-date browser, Moodle may offer to allow the viewer to download the video. This brings up two problems. First, the instructor probably doesn't want the viewer to have their own copy of the video. The viewer could then do with that video anything they want. Second, if it is a large file and a viewer tries to download the file with a slow internet connection, it could take hours to download a video file.
  • Moodle is not designed to host video files. It can host certain files and does it very well but video files can be tricky; as demonstrated by all the above reasons.

As an alternative, we recommend hosting videos on websites specifically designed to host video. Examples are YouTube and Vimeo. Each of these sites allow free video hosting and many other features. Some of YouTube's features are:

  • Everybody knows and has used it before thus their is a familiarity for viewers.
  • Offers unlimited storage space.
  • Students can watch videos on plethora of devices as YouTube is supported on phones, computers, tablets, etc.
  • Allows the creation of playlists so that videos can be grouped together.
  • Supports closed captioning so if down the road you would like to add captions for students with disabilities, you may do so.
  • Instructors can embed YouTube videos into Moodle or other webpages.
  • Offers the ability to make videos public (for anyone to search and see) or unlisted (only those with the URL can see them; ensures only your students can see the video).

If desired, you may set up your own YouTube channel to host your videos. The Academic Technology offers instructors who wish not to start their own channel, to host the videos on the Academic Technology (AT) YouTube channel. The AT YouTube Channel has the added ability to upload videos of any time length as long as each file is under 2 GB.

If you wish to have your videos added to the AT YouTube channel your videos must meet the following criteria:

If your videos fulfill all of the above criteria, you may contact the Faculty Technology Center at describing your desire to have videos added to the AT YouTube channel. An FTC member will then contact you and arrange a meeting for transfer of the video files.

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